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c-mec can provide a full scope of professional services

Innovative co-design and co-engineering assures perfect collaboration with the customer.


  • C-Mec’s engineering department consists of a team of competent design engineers, project engineers and production engineers, controlled per project by a project engineer. He acts as the bridge between the customer and the internal production and logistics teams.
  • All are experienced users of several 3D CAD software packages to assist our customers in developing 2D and 3D drawings and to evolve conceptual designs into parts ready for production.
  • C-Mec’s engineering team assists its customers with valuable services from the conception of the design (3D CAD co-design), over the pre-production and production phase (production engineering), and up to the implementation of design modifications, cost reductions and re-engineered products.


  • C-Mec also provides production solutions for prototypes, single piece work and project work with dedicated manufacturing equipment.

Quality comes first!

Quality comes first, be it in products, processes or services.
Quality lies in the heart of C-Mec’s business model.
C-Mec is renowned for its continuous efforts on quality improvements:

  • Both companies have an ISO-9001 certified Quality Management system that is fully embedded in its ERP processes.
  • C-Mec tracks quality improvements on a daily basis, actively implements six Sigma-projects.
  • The employees operate in quality teams fully trained on all quality procedures and requirements. 
  • All parts produced by C-Mec as well as components received from suppliers, are subject to quality inspections.
  • Quality department is fully equipped with measurements tools, for example 3D coordinator measuring machine, digital height gage, profile projector, Go-NoGo plug gauge and Go-NoGo screw-thread gauge.

Logistics, Flexibility and speed

  • The complete logistic flow from order to delivery is fully ERP-driven.
  • C-Mec’s logistic team agrees with the customer on the best logistic flows of the goods to be delivered, ranging from make-to-order to Kanban and JIT deliveries
  • C-Mec has created a dedicated planning team to guarantee timely delivery of standard production parts, spare parts, parts in special colours as well as prototype production parts.
Belgium (Heule) +32 56 37 50 00 info@c-mec.be / czech republic (kladno) +420 312 818 411 info@c-mec.cz
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